DA CHRA-West, Ft. Huachuca
PECP-WER-A  30 March, 2009

MEMORANDUM THRU Civilian Human Resources Agency
FOR HQDA AG-1CP Employment Policy Division

SUBJECT: Fort Richardson Delegated Examining Unit Status

  1. As part of BRAC 2005 decision, the Civilian Human Resource Agency (CHRA) Pacific Region and the CHRA Pacific Civilian Personnel Operations Center (PCPOC) located at Ft. Richardson, AK was identified for closure. Responsibility for the work being performed by the CHRA Pacific Region was transferred to the CHRA West Region.
  2. In the summer of 2006, the CHRA West Region took operational control of the CHRA Pacific Region. In the fall of 2006, OPM/DoD conducted a final audit of the Pacific Region DEU. On 1 January 2007, the Pacific Region DEU Authority was absorbed into the West Region DEU Authority. The West Region continues to provide DEU support to the former Pacific Region customers.
  3. POC for this action is Suzanne Flaiban, (520) 583-1523.

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    Director, West Region