DoD Civilian Personnel Management Service Letterhead
May 9, 2003


SUBJECT: Department of Defense Priority Placement Program (DoD PPP) - Request
Continuation of Exception for U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC)
Logistics Assistance Representative (LAR) Positions

This responds to your memorandum, subject as above, addressed to the Civilian Assistance and Re-Employment (CARE) Division, Deputy Director for Operations. Since this issue is under the purview of this office, your memorandum was referred for my review and response.

Pursuant to Subchapter 1800, paragraph SC 1800.4.4.4 of DoD 1400.25-M, your request to fill U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) Logistics Assistance Representative (LAR) positions is approved as a permanent exception to the PPP under the conditions stipulated in the attached June 6, 2002, Headquarters, U.S. Army Materiel Command memorandum. This approval validates the exception that was approved in 1989 by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force3 Management and Personnel) for the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, and extends the exception to LAR positions throughout AMC.

// Original signed by //
Charles A. Rogers

As stated

Headquarters, Army Materiel Command Letterhead
06 JUN 2002

AMCPE-F (690-300)

MEMORANDUM THRU Mr. David L. Snyder, Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel Policy, 300 Army Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20310-0300

FOR Ms Ginger Groeber, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Civilian Personnel Policy),
4000 Defense Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20301-4000

SUBJECT: Department of Defense (DoD) Priority Placement Program (PPP) - Request
Continuation of Exception for U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) Logistics Assistance
Representative (LAR) Positions

  1. References:

    1. E-MAIL, osd cpms care Division, Mr. Steven R. Wooley, 21 Apr 02, subject: RE: Logistic Assistance Representatives (LARs).

    2. Memorandum, OASD (FM&P), Office of Civilian Personnel Policy, 27 Jul 89, Subject: DOD Priority Placement Program - Request for Exception.

    3. Message, HQ AMC, AMCPE-CE-S, 241730Z Aug 89, subject: Logistics Assistance Representative (LAR) Positions - Exemption From Priority Placement Program (PPP) Stopper List Requirements.

    4. Department of Defense Directive 1400.24 (Civilian Mobility Program), 20 Oct 89.

    5. AMC Regulation 700-19, Mobility Program for Logistics Assistance Program, (LAP) Civilian Personnel, 20 Nov 96.

  2. In accordance with reference a, request approval to continue the exception to PPP granted in reference b. Reference c clarified that the exception applies to all LAR positions AMC-wide.

  3. Reference d authorizes establishment of civilian mobility programs within DoD component when prescribed mandatory mobility assignments are needed to achieve mission effectiveness. Reference e establishes a formal civilian mobility program for uniform management of AMC employees in the LAP and requires planned rotations of civilian LARs.

  4. The Department of the Army delegated authority to AMC to manage the worldwide LAP as Army's executive agent. The LAP is a program in which technical resources are provided to field commands to identify and resolve problems affecting materiel and logistics systems that are beyond the capability of the field commands. The AMC civilian LARs are the technical resources assigned to field commands worldwide.

  5. All civilian LARs are designated as Emergency Essential (EE) and subject to the AMC Formal worldwide mobility program in reference e. The mobility program requires periodic rotation of LARs to ensure that logistical assistance is provided to field commanders and to maximize utilization of civilian LARs for efficient performance in different environments supporting different missions. Without the mandatory mobility program, AMC would not be able to provide the required logistical assistance to field commanders in the less desirable geographic locations.

  6. All civilian LARs are required to sign a standardized mobility agreement as a condition of employment, and their position descriptions are annotated to indicate that the position is designated EE and the incumbent is subject to mandatory mobility requirements. Rotations of civilian LARs are made by lateral reassignments. Promotions and filling true LAR vacancies are accomplished using competitive staffing procedures and are subject to PPP requirements, unless otherwise exempted by existing policy.

  7. We request that filling of all LAR positions by rotation assignments under the AMC Mandatory mobility program continue to be an exception to the requirements of PPP. Bona fide position vacancies that are to be filled by competitive or merit promotion procedures will continue to be subject to PPP requirements, unless otherwise exempted by existing policy.

  8. Our point of contact for this request is Corinne McGhee-Stukes, (703) 617-9246 email

// Original signed by //
Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1

Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Letterhead
27 JUL 1989


SUBJECT: DoD Priority Placement Program - Request for Exception

We have considered, very carefully, the request from Headquarters U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) and referred by you for exemption of Logistics Assistance Representative (LAR) jobs from the DoD Priority Placement Program. We understand that approximately 300 such jobs exist at many locations in the United States and overseas and that all are titled Equipment Specialist (Electronics), GS-1670-9 through 13. You support the CECOM request except when the position in question is a bona fide or "true" vacancy. We concur with your recommendation and you may advise CECOM authorities that these LAR positions will continue to be matched against the Stopper List only when a "true" vacancy exists and in other situations they may take any personnel action deemed appropriate.

As a matter of information, the DoD Data Support Center records Reflect that Fort Monmouth requisitioned for GS-1670 (ELD)-9 through 13 only eight times during CY 1988 and five were unmatched. The others were returned in 42, 29 and three days respectively. To date in 1989 a total of 49 requisitions have been submitted and only one was matched. This referral resulted in the placement of Mr. Jon Collins at grade GS-1670-11 with a duty station at Fort Stewart, Georgia. The report action was received 17 days after the requisition.

// Original signed by //
Deputy Director, Personnel Management
Office of Civilian Personnel Policy