letterhead for the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Manpower and Reserve Affairs
October 6, 2003


SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority for Civilian Personnel Policy/Management

Headquarters, Department of the Army, General Order 3, dated July 9, 2002, prescribes that you will provide advice and assistance to me in my responsibilities as the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs). This memorandum delegates authority in prescribed functional areas and supersedes the delegation of September 12, 2000.

In accordance with General Order 3, I hereby delegate to you authority for the direct supervision of civilian personnel policy, management and related functions listed in the enclosure to this memo. You may further delegate these authorities to the Assistant G-1 for Civilian, Personnel Policy. This office retains direct supervision of all civilian personnel policies, management and related functions not listed in the enclosure. I specifically retain authority over the Senior Executive Service and civilian mobilization, authority to, implement and approve civilian academic degree training, authority to waive dual compensation reductions during the national emergency, and authority to approve appointments of retired members of the armed forces within 180-days after retirement. Please rescind immediately any delegations of these authorities.

You will forward for my approval significant changes to civilian personnel regulations prior to their promulgation. All policy changes require my approval. Moreover, please keep me currently informed about anticipated controversial or sensitive issues, significant civilian personnel initiatives, and major reorganization plans in a timely manner.

The authorities that I have delegated to you will be exercised in strict compliance with applicable laws, policies, regulations, standards, decisions, or other requirements that may be prescribed by the President, the Congress, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, the Office of Personnel Management, or any other similar agencies. This delegation shall remain in effect for three years from the date of the execution. I retain the authority to cancel, modify, or withdraw this delegation, in whole or in part, at any time.

// signed //
Reginald J. Brown
Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Manpower and Reserve Affairs)