Index of References and Attachments for June 3, 2004 Memo,
(Delegation for Dual Compensation Reduction Waivers)

Enclosure 1: Memorandum, OAS(M&RA), April 13, 2004,
subject: Employment of Annuitants

Enclosure 2: Memorandum, Under Secretary of Defense, Sept 17, 2001,
subject: Personnel Issues related to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon - Appointment authority and Policy Waivers

The above memorandums have their own enclosures and attachments, detailed below.

  1. For Enclosure 1

    1. Memorandum, USD (P&R), March 18, 2004,
      subject: Employment of Annuitants.

    2. Memorandum, Acting Secretary of the Army, April 12, 2004,
      subject: Delegation of Authority for Employment of Annuitants.

    3. Memorandum, ASA(M&RA), October 6, 2003,
      subject: Delegation of Authority for civilian Personnel Policy/Management.

    4. Chart: Civilian Personnel Delegations/Actions
      Enclosure to Oct 6, 2003 ASA(M&RA) Memorandum above.

    5. Memorandum, ASD (FMP), September 24 2002,
      subject: Personnel Issues Related to Attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon Appointment Authority and Policy Waivers.
      (Link to file in Adobe Acrobat form at CPMS web site)

  2. For Enclosure 2

    1. Letter from the Director of OPM to Under Secretary of Defense, Sept 14, 2001
      Delegation of Authority to Waive Dual Compensation Reductions

    2. Memorandum, Director, OPM, Sept 14, 2001
      SUBJECT: Emergency Situation Hiring Flexibilities and Information

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