Army Implementation Guidance on Uniform Funding and Management

Uniform Funding and Management (UFM) is the merging of Appropriated Funds (APF) and Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) for the purpose of providing Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) support services under a single set of NAF rules and procedures in order to facilitate the procurement of property and services for MWR, management of employees to deliver programs, and financial reporting. Army MWR programs are moving towards operating in an environment where all direct program funding will be accomplished using NAF rules for the MWR workforce through the UFM process.

As Army MWR transitions to an all NAF workforce, APF civil service employees occupying MWR program positions, are offered an opportunity to convert to NAF on a completely voluntary basis in their current position. APF MWR employees are not forced to accept conversion from APF to NAF in their current position under any circumstances. However, under UFM, as APF positions become vacant the position will become NAF.

Detailed information on UFM may be found in the "Army Implementation Guidance on Uniform Funding and Management". This document contains a wealth of information with appendices that cover every aspect of the UFM program. There is a separate section about Human Resources that provides the step-by-step processes used to market the program to management and employees. Another section "UFM Employee Information Guide" is designed to answer frequently asked questions that enable an MWR APF employee to make an informed decision about converting to NAF employment.

If you are interested in learning more about the UFM initiative log onto and click on UFM for the complete updated implementation guidance.

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