Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Interchange Agreement

The Department of Defense/OPM interchange agreement, approved Sept 21, 1991, allows eligible NAF employees to apply for APF or civil service positions without being referred from civil service registers, and it allows employees serving in positions in the competitive civil service to be appointed to NAF positions. Appointments under the interchange agreement are considered voluntary. Eligible DoD NAF employees may apply for positions at any grade level (e.g., eligible NAF employees may apply for Army APF civilian career program positions filled through the Army Civilian Career Evaluation System by registering in that system). NAF employees applying for APF positions will be considered along with applicants who are eligible to transfer from other government agencies.

NAF employees who are appointed in the competitive civil service under the terms of the Interchange Agreement will receive competitive civil service status. Thereafter, such employees will be entitled to the benefits and privileges provided by the civil service rules and by OPM's regulations. Employees of the competitive civil service who are appointed to NAF positions under the terms of this agreement will have benefits and privileges in accordance with Army NAF personnel regulations.

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