Requirement to Present Social Security Card Prior to Appointment

Defense Finance and Accounting Services, NAF Financial Services has reported a growing problem with typographical errors and incorrect social security numbers submitted to payroll on NAF personnel actions. Incorrect recording of social security numbers has resulted in numerous payroll rejections when the numbers are cross-referenced with the Social Security Administration's official records. Inaccurate recording of names and social security numbers also may result in an employee not receiving earnings credit from the Social Security Administration affecting the amount of future benefit payments. Additionally, employers can be subject to penalties when names and social security numbers do not match Social Security Administration records.

Effective immediately, individuals not currently on the rolls of any Army NAFI, whose wages are subject to social security or income tax withholding, must present their social security card to the NAF Human Resources Division before they can be appointed or begin working. You are encouraged to inform prospective employees at the earliest practicable point in the pre-appointment process of the requirement that they present a social security card.

An employee's name must be typed on all official personnel documents exactly as it appears on the social security card.

Content last reviewed: 8/25/2015-MF

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