Political Activities for Nonappropriated Fund Employees

The Hatch Act Reform of 1993 became effective February 3, 1994. The new provisions of the law have been adopted by Department of Defense for all NAF employees. This list will help keep our politically active employees, politically correct in the workplace.

Employees may:

  • Be candidates for public office in nonpartisan elections
  • Register and vote as they choose
  • Assist in voter registration drives
  • Express opinions about candidates and issues
  • Contribute money to political fund-raising functions
  • Attend and be an active member of a political party or club
  • Sign nominating petitions
  • Campaign for or against referendum questions, constitutional amendments, and municipal ordinances
  • Campaign for or against candidates in partisan elections
  • Make campaign speeches for candidates in partisan elections
  • Distribute campaign literature in partisan elections
  • Hold office in political clubs or parties

Employees may not:

  • Use their official authority or influence to interfere with an election
  • Collect political contributions unless both individuals are members of the same federal labor organization or employee organization and the one solicited is not a subordinate employee
  • Knowingly solicit or discourage the political activity of any person who has business before the agency
  • Engage in political activity while on duty
  • Solicit political contributions from the general public
  • Wear political buttons on duty
  • Be candidates for public office in partisan elections

If you have any questions about specifics contained in the Hatch Act you should contact a Management Employee Relations Specialist at your installation or activity.

Content last reviewed: 8/25/2015-MF