Use or Lose Annual Leave

It is important that all employees examine their leave records throughout the leave year. Employees and supervisors must plan for use of accrued annual leave or forfeiture of accrued leave in excess of the maximum allowable accumulation. Unused annual leave in excess of 30-days (240 hours) is normally forfeited by civilian employees employed in the United States. If hired in the United States for employment in a foreign area and eligible for annual leave, employees are authorized a maximum accumulation of 45-days (360 hours). Through advanced planning and scheduling, employees and supervisors can implement measures to preclude forfeiture of accrued annual leave. To learn more specifics about use or lose annual leave, visit the NAF Personnel web page on Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL) under "Use It Or Lose It".

Content last reviewed: 5/9/2006-MF

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