DCIPS Recruitment And Retention Incentives


DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

DCIPS-unique compensation programs listed below are designed to--

  • Enhance recruitment and retention of individuals with unusually high qualifications, unique qualification, or scarce skills; fill shortage category positions; or fill positions at remote or undesirable work sites.
  • Be used only when there is a clearly documented need and a positive cost benefit. Evidence of need may include such factors as:

    1. High rate of vacant positions in the specialty despite extensive recruitment efforts.
    2. Unacceptably high turnover rate.
    3. High rate of declinations from well qualified individuals.
    4. Scarcity of applicants possessing a particular skill.
    5. Particularly high level of qualifications possessed by an applicant.
    6. Other factors as determined appropriate by management.

DCIPS Recruitment and Retention Incentives
  • Premium Recruitment Bonus (Lump Sum Payment)
  • Payment of Travel and Transportation Expenses to an Interview and/or to the First Duty Station
  • Advanced Hiring Salary
  • Step Increase on Reassignment or Lateral Move
  • Advance Payment of Basic Pay
  • Administratively Uncontrollable Work Pay

The recruitment and retention benefits authorized in AR 690-13, Chapter 6, may be used alone or in combination, as deemed appropriate by the approving official. Allowances will be authorized at the minimum amount necessary to meet the specific recruitment or retention need.

Approval authority for DCIPS incentives, unless otherwise stated, is delegated to the MACOM commander who may further delegate through command channels to line managers at the activity level who have personnel management budget authority.

Recruitment incentives must be authorized and documented with a copy to servicing human resource office on or before the selectee's entry on duty or assignment date. Neither non-receipt of a discretionary recruitment incentive nor the amount or type of incentive paid is grievable.

Title 5 compensation programs implemented by OPM (for example, Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act (FEPCA)) apply to DCIPS unless modified or supplemented by DCIPS regulations.

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