Retired Military Waiver For DCIPS Positions

DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

Note: The requirement to obtain a waiver for employing retired military within 180 days of retirement has been suspended during the national emergency related to the War on Terrorism. When the suspension is lifted, the following policy will apply.

  1. Title 5, USC, Section 3326 applies to DCIPS. Based on guidance from OSD, waivers under title 5 have been delegated to Major Commands. DCIPS has equally delegated this authority. Delegation is made:
    1. To the level above the appointing authority for all Category A positions (as defined in DoD Directive 1402.1). This includes wage system positions, GG positions at grades GG-7 and below, and GG positions GG-8 to GG-15 for which payment of travel expenses to first duty station has been authorized.
    2. To the major Army command (MACOM) level for all Category B positions (as defined in DoD Directive 1402.1) within their preview. This includes GG positions at grades GG-8 to GG-15 not covered by paragraph a.
    3. Approval authority may not be re-delegated.

  2. Approval authority remains at Headquarters Department of the Army as follows:

    1. The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) retains authority to waive the waiting period for Senior Intelligence Executive Service (SIES) and Senior Intelligence Professional (SIP) positions and for positions in the successor programs, the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service (DISES) and the Defense Intelligence Senior Leader (DISL) program.
    2. The Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS, G-2) will approve request for waiver of the waiting period for all other Category B positions (GG positions at grades GG-8 to GG-15 not covered by paragraph 1a above and not within the purview of a MACOM commander or equivalent as set forth in paragraph 1b.)

  3. Section 4-4d, Chapter 4 of AR690-13 was been rescinded. Requests for waivers must be considered under the standards of DoD Directive 1402.1 and Title 5 United States Code, section 3326.

  4. The Chief, Intelligence Personnel Management Office (IPMO) has been delegated authority to approve waivers for the DCS, G-2.

Send all requests requiring Headquarters Department of Army approval through command channels to the Chief IPMO, HQDA (DAMI-CP), 1000 Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-1000. POC (703) 695-1047, email:

Content last reviewed: 1/28/2005-YYW

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