DCIPS Position Classification Appeals

DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

At any time, an employee may appeal the pay plan, series, title, and/or grade of their officially assigned position. There are both formal and informal review procedures.

In instances that will lead to a reclassification of a position to a lower grade or rate of base pay, the affected employee must be formally notified in writing. This notice must inform the employee that an appeal may only be filed within 15 calendar days of the personnel action to preserve entitlement to retroactive benefits.

An employee may choose a representative to assist them in preparing and presenting an informal classification complaint or position classification appeal. The representative must be delegated in writing and cannot be someone whose activities as a representative would cause a conflict or apparent conflict of interest or position; who cannot be released from official duties due to the priority needs of the government; or whose release would be at an unreasonable cost to the government.

Steps will not be taken to initiate or grant a security clearance for a designated representative. If the individual selected as an employee representative does not have the proper clearances the employee may select a representative who has the proper clearances; forgo representation; or allow the case to proceed without the representative being allowed to challenge or otherwise comment on the classified information.

The following items may not be appealed or the subject of an informal complaint:

--Inclusion in or exclusion from DCIPS.
--The accuracy of the position description.
--The content of DCIPS or OPM classification standards and guides or wage schedules and rates.
--The classification of a position to which they are detailed or temporarily assigned.
--The classification of a position based on a comparison with other positions rather than with published standards and guides.
--The classification of a position which has already been the subject of an appeal, unless major changes occurred in the governing classification standard or AOG, or in the major duties or KSAs required by the position.
--Other issues as determined by Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (DCS, G-2) in conjunction with the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (DCS, G-1).

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