DCIPS Informal Position Classification Complaint Process


DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

An employee may request an informal review of the pay plan, title, series, or grade of their position at any time. Informal complaints are characterized as follows:

  • The requested review must concern the employee's officially assigned position.
  • Informal complaints can be oral or written; however, oral complaints cannot be used to compute retroactive pay.
  • An informal complaint is directed to the employee's immediate supervisor.
  • The supervisor will discuss the matter with the employee and explain the evaluation of the position.
  • If the employee is satisfied, no further action need be taken.
  • If a change in pay plan, title, series, or grade is necessary, the change will be made within four pay periods from the date of the decision.
  • The informal complaint process should take no more than 15 calendar days.
  • If the employee is not satisfied, he or she may file a formal classification appeal.
An employee should not request a review to resolve why certain duties and responsibilities have been assigned. The manager should initially ensure the duties and responsibilities assigned to the employee are adequately reflected in the position description. If necessary, a new position description should be initiated.

If all informal efforts have been exhausted and the employee still disagrees with the classification, management should advise the employee concerning formal classification appeal procedures. The CPAC may provide assistance in initiating such actions.

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