DCIPS Formal Position Classification Complaint Procedures

DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

A position classification appeal is a formal request by the employee for a change to his or her official pay plan, title, series, or grade. An employee may file an appeal at any time; however, it is recommended that the employee initially follow the informal complaint procedures outlined in PERMISS article DCIPS Informal Position Classification Complaint Process.

The employee's appeal must be in writing and contain the following minimum information:

  • The appellant's name
  • Complete organizational location including installation, branch, and section
  • Current job number and classification (title, series, and grade)
  • Job classification requested (title, series, and grade)
  • Name of appellant's representative, if any
  • Reasons supporting the request. The employee may attach documents in support of the request.

Classified documents will be identified, but not attached

Filing the appeal. Employees will address appeals through their servicing human resource personnel specialists and Activity Career Program Manager (ACPM) to the MACOM or Field Operating Agencies (FOAs). Appeals by MACOM or FOA staff employees will be addressed through the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center and Career Program Manager (CPM) directly to the DCS,G-2 at HQDA. When the appellant's organization belongs to a different command than the servicing human resource office, the appellate authority is vested in the chain of command existing in the appellant's organization. The human resource office, in conjunction with the ACPM, will add the following information to the appeal:

  • A copy of the current official job description and a copy of the supervisor's job description (military or civilian), unless those documents are classified.

  • A statement of duties. Attach either of the following:

    1. A statement signed by both the appellant and supervisor, that the job description completely and accurately describes the position's major duties, responsibilities, and the KSAs required to perform them.

    2. The Commander's directive that the current and future duties will conform to the official job description, if the Commander or Position Management Officer (PMO) has been involved in determining the accuracy of assigned duties.

  • A brief evaluation statement analyzing the rationale for the classification decision.
  • Information on the mission and structure of the organization, including an organizational chart detailing the title, series, grade, and job number of all positions in the unit, including military positions.
  • The job descriptions and any available evaluation statements of subordinate positions (civilian or military), if the appellant's position is supervisory.
  • A copy of the current performance plans for the position under appeal.

Review of the file. The appellant or the appellant's representative will be given the opportunity to review the material being attached, and may add further comments.

Decision levels and time limits. MACOMs and FOAs constitute the first DCIPS appellate authority, except for those positions at the MACOM or FOA headquarters. The DCS, G-2 HQDA is the first and final appellate authority for such positions. Appeal decisions will normally be made within 30 calendar days of receipt. If the appeal is later forwarded to the DCS, G-2 HQDA for decision, an additional 30-day period begins upon receipt at that level.

  • Should the MACOM or FOA reach a decision favorable to the appellant, the appellant will be notified in writing and any required personnel action will be effected.

  • Should the MACOM or FOA reach a decision unfavorable to the appellant, the appellant will be informed in writing. The notice will advise that in order to continue the appeal, the appellant must request, in writing, a higher level review. This request must be received by the MACOM or FOA which rendered the initial decision within 15 calendar days after the date of the original decision memorandum. The request must contain specific reasons why the appellant disagrees with the original decision.

  • If the appellant requests further review, the MACOM or FOA will forward two copies of the case file and decision memorandum to the Intelligence Personnel Management Office (IPMO), DCS, G-2. The DCS, G-2 (or designee) is the final appeal authority for DA DCIPS employees.

Effective dates. The effective date of any action required by a classification appeal decision will not be earlier than the date of the decision, nor later than the beginning of the fourth pay period after the decision.

Canceling an Appeal

  • A position classification appeal will be cancelled if the appellant requests cancellation in writing.

  • In the event the employee leaves the position which is under appeal, the serving Civilian Personnel Advisory Center will advise the appellate authority. The appeal will be cancelled unless there is a chance of retroactive benefit. If there is a chance for retroactive benefit, a decision will be reached, unless the employee or their beneficiary withdraws the appeal.

  • Appellants must cooperate in processing their appeals and provide information within the time stated by the requesting authority. Failure to do so may result in the appeal being canceled or a decision made based on the information available.

  • In the event an appeal is canceled, both the activity where the case originated and the appellant will be notified.

Reopening an appeal

  • A classification appeal may not be reopened after being canceled due to the appellant’s failure to submit requested information with the time allowed. An exception may be made if the appellant can show that circumstances beyond their control prevented timely submission of the information. A classification appeal may not be reopened after a decision has been made, unless the appellant presents new and material evidence. Such a request must include the appellant’s certification that they became aware of the new evidence no earlier than 10 calendar days prior to submission of the request.

  • The decision to reopen a case is normally made by the appellate level that first decided the case. However, an appeal may also be reopened by the DCS, G-2 HQDA. This request must be in writing as noted above and the complete file of the original appeal must be attached.

  • A request to reopen an appeal may be submitted directly to the IPMO if the employee believes improper action was taken by the appellate authority, or that the appeal decision contradicts previous decisions made by the echelons above the appellant authority.

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