When and How to Prepare A DCIPS Evaluation Statement

DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

An evaluation statement is required if the position being evaluated consists of mixed grades or mixed series or if interpolation was used in evaluating a factor. Also, if the series determination is questionable this should be discussed in an evaluation statement. The evaluation statement should include any information that will assist the reader in understanding the writers rational in the decision making process.


Job Number: 12345
Organization: Sub-Command Group, Ft. Crystal City
Appendix G, Grade Band Classification for Series not covered by specific AOG, Jan 95,
CIPMS PGS, Part 2 for non-supervisory positions, June 90,
OPM Position Classification Standard for Position Classification Presenter, GS 123, dated November 1989.
Position: Position Classification Presenter GG 0123-12
Date of Evaluation: 12 November 1994

Position is mixed non-supervisory and supervisory. Supervisory duties equate to, but do not exceed those of a GG 11. Since 85% of the position’s time and the grade controlling duties are non-supervisory, that format is used and the position will be classified/evaluated as non-supervisory. (Note: 25% of time must be spent on supervisory duties to be designated as a supervisor and for use of the Primary Grading Standard Part 3.)

It is not necessary to address each Factor Degree. Only the Factor Degrees wherein interpolation was used or that were modified from a FASCLASS position, or a streamlined position need be addressed in the evaluation statement.

Factor C – Scope of Authority and Effect of Decisions

The incumbent is responsible for performing personnel work. The work performed has impact throughout the entire Army. At level C3 (50 pts) an employee would be responsible for performing personnel work. Such work would impact the employee’s local installation. A review of level C4 (70 pts) found that at this level an employee would perform personnel and budget work, which would have Army-wide impact.

Since this position clearly met level C3, C-4 was reviewed. It was found that only part of level C-4 was met. Thus interpolation was used for this factor which consists of two sub-factors: 1)Scope of Work, and 2) Effect of Decisions. Therefore, 25 points was credited for sub-factor 1 and 35 points was credit for sub-factor 2, for a total 60 points. (Refer to hand out on Interpolation if necessary).

Grade Conversion: Total Points for position is 270, which falls within the range for a grade GG 12 (245-294).

Final Classification: Position Classification Presenter GG 0123-12.

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