Examples of Interpolation of Points Assigned to a Factor Degree Description

DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

Example #1 – Factor Degree B – Guidelines

Guidelines have 2 sub-factors – 1) nature of the guidelines used and 2) degree of interpretation required to apply the guides.

The position being evaluated closely matches degree B-3 for nature of guidelines. For degree of interpretation the position meets degree B-2. Degree B-3 is worth a total of 50 points. Divide that by 2 (the number of sub-factors) and each sub-factor is worth 25 points each. Degree B-2 is worth a total of 25 points. Divide that by 2 (the number of sub-factors) and each sub-factor for level B-2 is worth 12.5 points.

Since level B-3 is met for nature of guidelines, 25 points is credited for that sub-factor. Level B-2 is met for degree of interpretation, therefore 12.5 points is credited for this sub-factor. The total value of Factor Degree B – Guidelines is 40 points; 25 + 12.5 = 37.5 points. Rounding to the nearest 5 point increment bring the total point value of this Factor to 40.

Example #2 – Factor Degree E - Supervision Received

Supervision Received has 3 sub-factors – 1) nature and extent of direct/indirect controls exercised by the supervision, 2) employee’s independence and responsibility for completing the work, and 3) review given to completed work.

The position description shows that the employee - Works under the general supervision of the Director/Deputy, USABC. Employee is assigned continuing responsibility for the implementation and administration of the command’s security programs. Receives general assignments based on scope and objectives of the program. Work is performed independently in accordance with established policies and procedures. Employee is held accountable for sound technical judgment, effectiveness and timeliness of results. Work is reviewed for compliance with applicable policies and adherence to overall security principles and standards.

A review of the Army Occupation Guide finds that level E-3 is exceeded. Therefore level E-4 is reviewed. As level E-4 is substantially met level E-5 is reviewed to see if any portions of this level are met. The total point value for level E-4 and E-5 is 55 and 75, respectively. The points are divided by 3 (the number of sub-factors) which places the sub-factor values at 18 points for level E-4 and 25 points for level E-5.

Sub-factor #1 - nature and extent of direct/indirect controls
Level E-4 is appropriate as employee receives general assignments based on the objectives of the programs. (18 points)

Sub-factor #2 – responsibility for completing the work
Level E-5 is credited as employee independently carries out the organization’s security programs. (25 points)

Sub-factor #3 – review of work
Level E-5 is credited as work is reviewed for effectiveness in meeting objectives (25 points)

Based on the above, this factor is worth a total of 70 points.

Sub-factor #1 = 18 points
Sub-factor #2 = 25 points
Sub-factor #3 = 25 points
Total Points = 68 (rounded to nearest 5 point increment = 70 points)

Example #3 – Factor Degree C – Scope of Authority and Effect of Decisions

In some situations the sub-factor being evaluated may fall between two levels, meaning the first sub-factor level is exceeded, yet the sub-factor at the next higher level is not completely met. In situations such as this, it is acceptable to use sound management and classification judgment by allowing the points assigned to the sub-factor to fall between two levels.

Scope of Authority and Effect of Decisions has 2 sub-factors – 1) scope of the work 2) effect of the work performed.

The position description shows that the incumbent performs extensive personnel work which has impact throughout the Army. In reviewing the Primary Grading Standard it is found that this Factor Degree falls between levels C-3 and C-4. Therefore this Factor Degree is split into sub-factors for evaluation.
Factor C3 = 50 pointsFactor C4 = 70 points
25 pts for Scope30 pts35 pts for Scope
Limited Personnel Work Extensive Personnel and Budget Work
25 pts for Effect30 pts35 pts for Effect
Local InstallationThroughout Army

Scope (sub-factor #1) employee performs more than limited personnel work, but does not meet level C4 by performing extensive budget work. Therefore 30 points is assigned for this sub-factor. More than C-3 (25 pts), but less than C-4 (35 pts).

Effect (sub-factor #2) the effect of the work is throughout the Army which clearly meets level C4.

The final points assigned to this factor are:
Scope = 30 points
Effect = 35 points
Total Points = 65

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