DCIPS Grade Bands

DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

A grade band consists of two or more consecutive grade levels. Bands are distinguished by a common level of difficulty and responsibility typically found in a career ladder. The positions in a band may represent a variety of occupations or specialties. Grade bands have been established for each DCIPS career path (clerical, technician, and professional/administrative).

Grade bands were established to provide comparability and equity in classification. Grade bands were not intended to replace grade levels. Rather, the grade bands were implemented in conjunction with GS/GG grade levels as a tool to improve the interrelationship between position management and classification. These bands were also designed to provide a foundation for the establishment of other personnel processes, such as career management, performance management, training, and merit promotion.

Career paths with corresponding grade bands.

1. Clerical: The clerical career path consists of two grade bands, entry level and full performance. The entry-level band consists of positions in grades GG 1 through GG 4. The full performance level consists of positions in grade GG 5 through GG 9.

2. Technician: The technician career path has three grade bands. In addition to the entry level and full performance level as noted above, this band includes an expert level which consists of positions in grades GG 10 through GG 13.

3. Professional/Administrative: Professional and administrative career paths consist of four grade bands: Pre-Professional for grades GG 1 through GG 4; Entry/Development for grades GG 5 through GG 9; Full Performance level for grades GG 10 through GG 13; and Expert level for positions in grades GG 14 through GG 15.

Note: It is neither intended nor expected that all positions in grade bands within career paths will be assigned the maximum grades indicated from each band. Full performance levels will vary according to organizational and occupational structure, resources and mission needs.

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