Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) formerly known as the Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System (CIPMS) is an excepted service personnel management system jointly managed by the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (ODCS, G-1) and the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ODCS, G-2). Existing CIPMS policies and system flexibilities will continue to apply until such time as they are replaced by DCIPS regulations and related guidance, which will occur incrementally. Until all references can be updated the terms CIPMS and DCIPS will be used interchangeably.

Applicability of OPM Classification Standards to DCIPS Positions

DCIPS Classification Structure

DCIPS Career Paths

DCIPS Grade Bands

DCIPS Dual Track Career Progression

Interpolation of Factor Degree Description Points

Examples of Interpolation of Points Assigned to a Factor Degree Description

Sub-Factors for Non-Supervisory Positions

Sub-Factors for Supervisory/Managerial Positions

When and How to Prepare a DCIPS Evaluation Statement

Streamlined Approach To The DCIPS Classification Process For GG Positions

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