DCIPS And The Defense Leadership And Management Program (DLAMP)

DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

Participation in the DLAMP is designed to enhance the individualís competitive standing for filling key leadership jobs throughout the Department of Defense.

  • DCIPS careerists are eligible to participate in the DLAMP in accordance with Army program policy and guidance.
  • DCIPS positions are not designated as "DLAMP key positions", for the purpose of giving priority hiring consideration to DLAMP participants and graduates.
  • DCIPS careerists whose career progression objectives fall within the Intelligence Community (DoD or National), are also eligible to pursue the Intelligence Community Officer (ICO) designation. In some cases, DCIPS careerists may choose to participate in both the DLAMP and the ICO designation process.

Relationship between DLAMP and Intelligence Community Officer (ICO) Designation.

DLAMP is a DoD-wide competitive program designed to develop a cadre of senior civilian leaders with DoD-wide capabilities and perspectives. Completion of requirements to achieve ICO designation is integral to long term career planning for DCIPS careerists interested in progressing to senior ranks within the Intelligence Community at either DoD or National levels. Both DLAMP and the ICO process seek completion of training, education, and developmental rotations that broaden perspectives and enhance leadership skill and effectiveness. Commonality of some program features allows a degree of reciprocity between DLAMP and ICO. DCIPS careerists, who represent a diverse cross-section of occupations and potential career development objectives, are eligible to participate in either ICO or DLAMP - or both. Careful review of program-specific requirements is necessary in every case to ensure that credit for coursework or experience is transferable from one to the other. For example, DLAMP recommends a career-broadening rotational assignment of at least 12 months. ICO requires an ICAP or equivalent assignment of not less than two years. Completion of an ICAP assignment may be creditable under DLAMP, but completion of the 12-month DLAMP rotation will not be sufficient to meet the ICO/ICAP requirement.

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