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DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

ICO is a designation jointly authorized by the Deputy Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). The objective of the ICO designation qualification process is to foster development of intelligence officers and leaders with broad perspectives and understanding of the full spectrum of Intelligence Community (IC) component inter-relationships and dependencies in support of IC missions. Beginning in the year 2002, ICO designation is required as a factor for promotion eligibility for executive level positions throughout the IC. ICO designation is targeted to IC civilians at grades 12 through 15. Within Army, DCIPS civilians in all career programs and career areas are eligible to pursue ICO designation. Certification as an ICO requires completion of specified professional development in three components, which include formal and on-the-job training, education, and competitive rotational assignments, as described below.

ICO / Category 1: Intelligence Community Assignment Program (ICAP). ICAP is a competitive rotational program designed to promote community-wide perspective; bolster IC coordination; infuse new knowledge and expertise throughout the IC; and contribute to the development of future IC leadership. Participating Services and Agencies identify ICAP opportunities which are filled through a competitive, community-wide, merit-based process. Army ICAP selectees are paid by their parent organizations while serving on details in other IC host organizations for tours of not less than two years. Upon completion of ICAP assignments, careerists are reintegrated into their parent organizations so that they can apply enhanced skills and perspectives in the Army mission environment. ICAP assignments are open to DCIPS GG-12s and above in any job series. HQDA centrally funds relocation and training costs incident to ICAP assignments for Army participants. DCIPS careerists who have military or civilian experience in more than one IC component which is equivalent in grade, length, and quality to ICAP, may be eligible for equivalency credit in lieu of participating in an ICAP rotation. ICAP opportunities are advertised four times per year, in October, January, April, and July and can be viewed on JWIC (INTELINK-TS) and SIPRNET (INTELINK-S) only. Organizations wishing to nominate Army positions for incoming ICAP participants, or careerists wishing to apply for ICAP assignments in other agencies, can obtain process information on the DCS, G-2 INTERNET (NIPRNET) website. See link below for the latest Army ICAP guidance.

ICO / Category 2: Intelligence Community Officer Training (ICOT). An ICO Training Curriculum has been published that outlines six disciplines with representative courses from which participants must complete 10 weeks of IC training that includes a capstone course--Intelligence Community Officer Course (ICOC). The purpose of ICO training is to increase careerists' understanding of IC customers, organizations, relationships, overall mission planning and execution processes. The six disciplines are: National Security and Intelligence Issues; Leadership and Management; CI, Security, IA and D&D; Production and Analysis of Intelligence; Coll, Sources and Processing/Intelligence; and Impact of Technology Across IC. Substitution of equivalent training and experience is possible. ICO training needs will continue to be evaluated in with emphasis on developing new or improved computer-based, web-delivered distance learning systems. See link below for the latest ICO training information.

ICO / Category 3: Army Requirements. The third category necessary for certification as an ICO is completion of Agency-specific career development requirements. For Army careerists, this means compliance with Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System (ACTEDS) requirements for the applicable career program - to include Army common core civilian leadership training.

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