Intelligence Community Awards

DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

The U.S. Intelligence Community provides unique awards to recognize civilians covered by the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS), individually or in groups, for their exceptional performance and achievements. Such recognition is used not only to reward exemplary actions and services, but also to motivate continued outstanding service and encourage similar performance by other employees. These awards may be granted in addition to Army awards covering the same service or achievement.

Submission criteria and procedures are different for each award and can be found in the Director Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 7/1-3. Supervisors who want to nominate an individual or organization for these awards should consult these documents and contact their servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, if needed. The Intelligence Community unique awards are:

The Director of Central Intelligenceís Intelligence Community Awards

  • National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal: Awarded on a very selective basis for distinguished meritorious service or achievement to the U. S. in a duty of great responsibility within the Intelligence Community (IC), the outstanding accomplishment of which distinctly benefits the interests of the United States and constitutes a major contribution to the foreign intelligence mission of the IC.

  • National Intelligence Medal of Achievement: Awarded for especially meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to the U.S. by a member of the IC. This award recognizes performance of an especially difficult duty in a clearly exceptional manner. The service being recognized must relate directly to the ICís mission to provide the intelligence required for national security policy determinations.

  • National Intelligence Certificate of Distinction: Awarded for sustained superior duty performance of duty of high value by a member of the IC, or it may be awarded for a significant single act of special merit.

  • National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation: Awarded to a unit or group whose collective performance has resulted in accomplishments that are of a clearly superior nature and are of significant benefit to the mission of the IC.

  • DCI Exceptional Collector National HUMINT Award: This annual award provides recognition and incentives to individuals, teams, or units for improved HUMINT collection and reporting of information that is of significant value to the U.S. IC.

Director Military Intelligence Awards: Based on Director of Military Intelligence Directive No. 1, Director of Military Intelligence (DMI) Awards Program.

  • Certificate of Distinction: Awarded for superior meritorious service or achievement in a duty of significant responsibility that is a distinct benefit to the Department of Defense and a major contribution to Defense Intelligence.

  • Certificate of Merit: Awarded for especially meritorious service or achievement that contributes directly to Defense Intelligence. This award recognizes performance of an especially difficult duty in a clearly exceptional manner.

  • Certificate of Achievement: Awarded for sustained superior performance or for a significant achievement of special merit.

DoD HUMINT Award: Awarded to individuals, teams, or units whose achievements constitute either extraordinary reporting or particularly significant collection projects that have supported U.S. Commands, Defense, or Army Intelligence requirements. (Sponsored by DIA and the Department of the Army)

Director of Counterintelligence and Investigative Programs Certificate of Appreciation: The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Security Policy award for achievement by OFCO Case Officers, Counterespionage Investigators, and Counterintelligence Analysts.

Brigadier General Ben Ardisana Award: An annual award presented to individuals for exceptional performance and technical expertise in the area of SIGINT. (Sponsored by the National Security Agency "Collection Association")

U.S. Army Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame: An annual award which provides recognition to an individual who has made significant contributions to Military Intelligence which reflected favorably on the MI Corps.

Additional information can be found in DCIPS/IPMO Update No. 2005-1 (1 Oct 2004). Click Here to view the update article titled "Call for Nominations for Intelligence Community (IC) Awards"

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