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DCIPS replaces CIPMS. Until all references can be updated, both terms may appear and are considered interchangeable.

Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) employees are eligible for all monetary and honorary awards and for non-monetary recognition that is available to employees covered under Title 5. Therefore, most provisions of Army’s policy on monetary and honorary awards contained in AR672-20 apply to DCIPS employees. The following highlights DCIPS unique policies and procedures:

Army’s Incentive Awards Program is used to reward, recognize and motivate individual and group performance and productivity. It is also used, along with other DCIPS features, to attract and retain high quality employees. Awards will not be mandated for DCIPS employees based solely on attainment of any performance rating level.

All of the following criteria should be considered when determining whether or how to recognize a DCIPS employee with a performance based award:

--The most recent performance rating
--Prior rating and/or recognition history
--Position in the career ladder
--Promotion history and eligibility
--Present compensation
--Type of position
--Level of responsibility
--Organizational accomplishments

Recognition annually of at least 20-30 percent of the DCIPS work force is encouraged. Commanders should budget annually for monetary awards to meet this goal. Expenditure of between 1 ˝ and 2 percent of the aggregate salaries of DCIPS employees in the organization is recommended.

Performance Awards: Table 8-1 of AR690-13 recommends DCIPS Performance Award amounts and/or percentages to assist management in determining the appropriate amount to award DCIPS employees based on accomplishments during a performance appraisal period. The monetary figures shown in this table are obsolete. Managers are encouraged but not required to follow the basic DCIPS policy of awarding an amount equivalent to 4-7 percent for those rated Successful - Level 1; 2-4 percent for those rated Successful - Level 2; and 1-2 percent for those rated Successful – Level 3.

Special Act/Service Awards: Table 8-2 in AR690-13 is used in place of guidance in AR672-20 for computing Special Act or Service Awards when tangible benefits are the basis for the award. This table was developed to make it easier to determine appropriate amounts and promote equity throughout the Army's intelligence community.

Quality Step Increase: The requirements for granting the Quality Step Increase (QSI) to a DCIPS "GG" employee are for a Successful Level 1- annual performance rating and the availability of funds. There must, however, be 52 weeks between granting QSIs to an employee. QSIs cannot be granted if a DCIPS employee is already at Step 10 of their grade level.

Exemplary Performance Award: DCIPS provides for an Exemplary Performance Award (EPA) to recognize GG employees whose continued performance far exceeds the standards expected for their assigned grade level and whose documented annual performance for the last three consecutive years is rated Successful - Level 1. The employee who is awarded an EPA must have been at the same grade for the last three years. An EPA is an increase in basic pay equivalent to two QSIs and may be used to extend an employee to a constructed 11th or 12th step. An EPA is the only way in which the rate of pay may be set beyond Step 10 of a grade level. An EPA may also be used as a retention incentive.

Prohibition on Granting Two Monetary Awards for the Same Achievement. DCIPS employees cannot receive both an EPA and an Performance Award, when the most recent performance rating is the basis for both awards. AR 690-13 states that performance awards will be granted in accordance with AR 672-20, which prohibits giving more than one monetary or more than one honorary award for the same act or achievement. For example, a DCIPS employee may be granted a QSI, if the criteria has been met, but may not receive both the QSI and a Performance Award. However, a DCIPS employee may receive a QSI or other performance award for each of the last two years and on the third year be eligible for an EPA.

Monetary Awards in excess of $10,000 must be forwarded through command channels to the Intelligence Personnel Management Office to obtain HQDA endorsement before forwarding to OSD for approval.

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to consider DCIPS employees for all Intelligence Community, Army, command and locally-sponsored honorary awards for which they are eligible. Commanders should review their approval of awards based on performance to ensure a reasonable ratio of monetary to honorary awards.

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