Paying for Training -- Government Purchase Card

Effective October 1, 1998 the method of payment for commercial training up to and including $25,000 is the government purchase card. Continue to use the Department of Defense (DD) Form 1556 to request, authorize, and certify completion of training.

If vendors require purchase card information, please contact the vendor via telephone to provide that information.

To minimize exposure of purchase card account information, organizations should omit this information during the processing of any electronic training requests. Once the request is fully approved, a hard copy version of the SF182 may be provided to the purchase cardholder.

Block 37 (Billing Instructions) on the SF182 should include contact information for the purchase cardholder.

Advance Payments and Reimbursements

There are two steps to authorize and pay for training in advance of receiving the training or service, including student tuition:
  • Authorize it on the SF182 request, and,
  • Receive a bill for payment from the source provider.

Reimbursements. AR 690-400, Chapter 410, Subchapter 6-4b(2): "If an employee fails to complete non-Government training satisfactorily, actions in (a) or (b) below will be taken. Employees will be advised in writing of these requirements before the training starts.

"(a) If the failure to complete training is due to the employee's negligence or willful misconduct, he or she will repay training expenses other than salary costs. If appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken.

"(b) If failure is for reasons beyond the employee's control, no action will be taken."

Reimbursements for expenses from employees failing to complete training satisfactorily will be the responsibility of the approving official, the local APC, and financial officer.

Content last reviewed: 3/20/2007-DLS