Veterans Readjustment Appointment (VRA)

A Veterans Readjustment Appointment (VRA) is a noncompetitive appointment of a veteran in the excepted service. It leads to competitive status and career or career conditional tenure upon satisfactory completion of a two-year trial period and education and training. Normally, a formal education and/or training plan is prepared before the employee is appointed -- a combined effort between the first line supervisor, the selected candidate, and a personnel management specialist.

If the veteran has less than 15 years of formal education, Army is required to provide a training program. If the veteran has 15 or more, they may participate in training programs on the same basis. The training requirements identified in the plan are tailored to fit the requirements of the position, the needs of the candidate, and the needs of the supervisor.

Training can be on- or off-duty and can include any, or a combination of the following:

Content last reviewed: 3/20/2007-DLS