Oracle Training Administration (OTA)

Regions which have deployed the Modern Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (MDCPDS) must use Oracle Human Resources modules with MDCPDS to update training. The TRAIN module is no longer available. Users may use Delrina FormFlow or other form generator to create the DD Form 1556, Request for Training form. It is anticipated that the Oracle Training Administration (OTA) module within MDCPDS will completely replace TRAIN functionality during 2001-2002. Until that time, completed training must be entered into MDCPDS by CPOC personnelists within the Oracle HR module. Information concerning the further implementation of OTA will be distributed. An OTA Guidance Memorandum is located on CPOL.

OTA’s capabilities will include:

  • initiating training requests
  • tracking training requests
  • scheduling training from an automated course catalog
  • certifying training completions
  • evaluating completed training and
  • generating on-line training reports

Information about the planned use of Oracle Training Administration (OTA), part of the Department of Defense Modern System (DCPDS) for requesting training, is located on CPOL. OTA is an automated tool which can be used to request, route for approval and record completed training for Army civilians.

Getting Started:
Supervisors and employees must have connectivity before they can access OTA. The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) in partnership with the Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC) provides connectivity and training for users. Before initially using the software, organizations must identify a training point of contact (group manager) and establish a training approval route.

Initiating a Training Request via OTA:
OTA users will enter data into an electronic version of the DD Form 1556 known as the Training Request Form. The software automatically fills in employee demographic information. Course data can be populated from the internal course catalog or entered as needed. A limited amount of information, including training priority must be input by the user. Once the training has been approved and completed, an on-line certification and evaluation is generated. These screens verify completion of the training and document the quality of the program. Once all steps are completed, the training will be documented in the employee’s master training record.

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