Requesting and Entering Completed Training

Request training using Department of Defense Form 1556 (Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certification of Training and Reimbursement). Both hard copy and electronic versions of the form are authorized. If the Army Purchase Card is used to purchase non-government training, it does not remove the requirement to update completed training in the Defense Civilian Personnel Database System (DCPDS) as described below.

We encourage use of automated means to generate the DD Form 1556 training request. Products such as Delrina FormFlow to create the DA Form 1556 are encouraged. Many users are authorized to enter completed training in DCPDS via the Oracle Training Administrator (OTA) module. These include Training Monitors appointed by Managers, Managers, Training Coordinators, CPOC and CPAC HRD, etc. The only requirement is that approval of the training was accomplished before the training actually took place. CPOC personnel are ultimately responsible for the monitoring of the entries and will provide training to CPAC personnel on the procedures for accomplishing documentation of completed training data using the Oracle Human Resources Module of DCPDS.

Oracle Training Administration (OTA) replaced TRAIN and other locally used automated training systems to fully automate the training request, approval, certification and evaluation process. In calendar year 2000, Army issued a Use of OTA Policy Memorandum which includes information about the data entry methods for those regions which have deployed DCPDS. Army began using OTA, part of the Department of Defense Modern System (DCPDS) for requesting training during year 2003. OTA is an automated tool which can be used to request, route for approval and record completed training for Army civilians. A web version of OTA has been developed and will be deployed in the very near future to all DoD components.

Additional Information about the use of OTA is located on the Civilian Human Resource Agency (CHRA)

Officials within the organization who have been delegated training approval authority may approve training requests and also document completed training. Contact your training coordinator or local Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) for local procedures/guidance for accomplishing these important tasks.

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