Training Records

Recordkeeping Requirements for Training Documents

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issues personnel recordkeeping guidance prescribing how and where to file documentation of civilian training, planning, procurement, program development, completions and evaluations.

  1. The requirement to file training documents in the OPF (long-term, right side) was rescinded Army Memo, Training & Leader Development, Sep 13, 1996, subject: Change to Record-keeping Requirements for Training Documents) effective October 1, 1996 by Update 1, March 15, 1996, to the OPM Operating Manual, The Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping (see Chapter 3, Table 3-I). The following training documents may no longer be placed on file in the employee's OPF:

    • Training Certificates
    • SF 182, Authorization, Agreement, Certification of Training and Reimbursement
    • OPM Form 1398, Model Veterans Readjustment Appointment Plan
    • OF 37 (discontinued), Nomination for Interagency Training and the Presidential Appointee, Record of Training, and
    • Computer generated lists of completed training.

  2. Training documents already on file in the OPF will remain on file (long term, right side) until the employee leaves Army employment. At that time, training documents will be removed from the OPF and returned to the employee.
  3. Whenever documentation of training is required to be maintained by Chapter 41 of Title 5 CFR, §410 and Army regulations, it must be accomplished in accordance with AR 25-400-2, The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS). Managers and supervisors should establish organizational case files in accordance with ARIMS procedures to accommodate the following training records:

    1. Delegation of authority to approve training
    2. The purchase of training
    3. Training for placement
    4. Academic degree training
    5. Continued service agreements
    6. Recovery and waiver of training expenses
    7. Acceptance of contribution, award, or payment
    8. Annual training plan evaluation.

The official record of completed training is the Army's automated system, DCPDS. For information on requesting and completing training within DCPDS Click here . Managers, activity training coordinators, CPAC Human Resource Development advisors and CPOC Human Resource Development professionals share responsibility to ensure proper and timely documentation of all completed training.

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