Civilian Leader Development Process

The process of development is inextricably linked to the human resource management life cycle (requirements, accession, sustainment, separation).

Based on the needs assessment process, managers must select the correct tools to help employees (individually or in teams) develop the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to improve performance.

The human resource development toolbox contains many performance-based solutions in addition to traditional classroom training. Good development programs include other common methodologies, such as: coaching, counseling and mentoring, on-the-job training, developmental job assignments, job aides, expert systems and independent study, as well as classroom training. In today's environment, employees need to be multi-skilled and flexible to continue to be a valuable asset to high performing organizations.

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Training can be effectively used to support reinvention and change. Such training might include quality improvement, benchmarking, performance management, customer service, re-engineering and leading/managing change.

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