Evaluation of Completed Training

Training is generally evaluated at three stages:

  1. End of Course. Students complete course reaction sheets at the end of most courses to evaluate the actual presentation of training, effectiveness of the instructor and the overall accomplishments of training objectives.
  2. After the training has been completed, the student and supervisor are required to complete the evaluation section of the training request, usually the SF 182. Different procedures apply depending upon the method used to request and document the training event:

    • Manual SF182, Section H, Copy 9: The employee completes Parts I and II.
    • SF1826: The employee completes Section E, Page 2. The supervisor completes Section F, Page 2.

    • Oracle Training Administration must be used to document completed training in the automated system for Army, DCPDS. The article in PERMISS called Requesting and Entering Completed Training does contain information about on-line evaluation of training and certification of training completion in the employee's master training record.

    Training evaluation questions address the usefulness of training to one's job or mission requirements and whether or not the training was successfully completed. The supervisor's questions focus on the evaluation in terms of mission relatedness and improvement in employee or organizational performance.

  3. Overall evaluation of the entire activity training program. Human Resource Development personnel evaluate the activity training program in concert with management. This overall evaluation serves as a basis for the next year's training plan.

Content last reviewed: 3/20/2007-DLS