Training Plan Development

Based upon the training needs assessment, managers identify individual, organizational and activity training requirements and document the resources needed to support the training.

Personnel Management advisor(s) in the servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) (and a HRD Committee, where applicable) analyze the consolidated installation training requirements that were derived from what managers input during the training needs survey process. The CPAC provides those consolidated requirements to the regional Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC), where further analysis occurs and recommendations developed for the Regional and Installation Training Plans.

The CPOC performs the critical function of identifying that training that can most economically and efficiently be delivered on a regional basis, to include tentative determinations of appropriate training mode and sources, costs, approximate time frames, and possible locations of training courses.

The products of this process are recommended Regional and Installation Training Plans, which are staffed with installation Commanders/CPACs. Concurrence and commitment for specific regional courses and approval of installation training plans is then accomplished by the installation Commander. Installation commanders then transfer the resources necessary to support the regional training that will be managed by the CPOC and finalize installation training plans.

Managers are now ready to implement their individual and organizational portions of the installation training plan.

Content last reviewed: 3/20/2007-DLS