Assessing Organizational, Occupational, and Individual Needs

  1. Assessment. A multi-level assessment methodology links about the organization, occupational groups, and individual employees. Occupational and individual level assessment supports training needs identified at the organizational level.

    1. Administration initiatives, forecasts of technological developments, position management activities, workforce planning, productivity improvement efforts and changes in mission or reorganization should point up the need to assess organizational training needs. Training can bridge the gap between conceptualization and realization of policy and organizational changes. Early involvement of the training consultant in planning for change can contribute significantly to effective implementation of the change.

    2. The Army-wide system designed to assess and document occupational training needs for career program and career field employees is the Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System
      (ACTEDS). The ACTEDS contains a structured approach to technical, professional and leader training and development for the civilian workforce. Usage of this assessment tool will assist management in career planning and counseling, training budget, and training needs review for the career workforce.

    3. A training needs assessment process will be employed at all levels to systematically link training and development plans and resources to the mission, strategic plans, performance goals, and priorities. Individual assessment will focus on the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities required of employees as well as enhance individual performance requirements.

Content last reviewed: 3/20/2007-DLS

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