Human Resource Development Vision and Principles

The Army training vision is to support total force readiness and mission accomplishment by providing and empowering commanders and managers with the authorities necessary to accomplish the training and development of a technically competent, high-performing civilian workforce.

Civilians have always been part of the Army. Civilian workers help the military accomplish its missions in several ways. First, civilian employees may have technical skills that are critical and in short supply in the uniformed service. They also provide stability and continuity of performance as military personnel rotate more frequently than do civilian workers. But the most important role they play is in freeing military personnel to carry out the military functions that only they can perform. To successfully perform these responsibilities, employees must be thoroughly trained for the jobs they must perform. This training must continue throughout employment to ensure the newest techniques, tools, and equipment are mastered.

Army human resource development is based on the following general principles:

  • The function of development relies on a system which measures the gap between the requirements of jobs and the capabilities of the people who perform the work.
  • Development is an investment by the organization in its performance and mission accomplishment.
  • Successful workforce development programs are directly linked to the Army, installation and activity strategic planning processes.
  • Funding for development of the workforce must be addressed and supported at all levels.
  • Development is accomplished by the most cost-efficient and effective methods.
  • Development helps managers build a diverse, professional, high-performing workforce.
  • Information on development requirements, job opportunities, and progression paths is available to all managers and employees throughout their employment.
  • Development is a lifelong process.

Management officials and supervisors at all levels must ensure that adequate, responsive, and quality training is provided to their employees to ensure that current and future needs can be met. Employees must acquire and maintain those knowledges, skills and abilities needed for high quality performance and optimum contributions to organizational goals and objectives, as well as to the broader mission of the Army and the Government.

Content last reviewed: 3/20/2007-DLS