Transfer of Function (TOF)

The transfer of function (TOF) provisions deal with the right
of employees to accompany their work when it is moved to a
different competitive area or geographic location.

Transfer of function means:

  • (1) The transfer of the performance of a continuing function
    from one competitive area and its addition to one or more
    other competitive areas; except when the function involved is
    virtually identical to functions already being performed in
    the other competitive area(s); or,

  • (2) The movement of the competitive area in which the
    function is performed to another local commuting area.

Function means all or a clearly identifiable segment of an
agency's mission (including all integral parts of that
mission), regardless of how it is performed.

Transfer of function does not necessarily mean that a function
is physically being relocated - it may involve transferring
the function from one agency to another agency, such as the mass
transfer of Army commissary employees to Defense Commissary Agency.

The losing competitive area uses retention registers to
identify employees who would be offered transfer of function;
offers may be in actual order or inverse order of retention
standing, depending on the nature of the transfer of function.

The Office of Personnel Management has published two handbooks which provide an in depth discussion of all aspects of the reduction in force and transfer of function process. One handbook provides Guidance, and the other describes Required Procedures. For definitive guidance on any aspect of reduction in force, see OPM's RIF Resources Portal.

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