Qualification Requirements

Employees who are placed in other positions under RIF must meet all qualification standards for the position unless specifically waived as provided for below, including medical and/or physical qualifications. In addition, the employee's record must demonstrate a positive ability to successfully perform all critical elements of the position upon assignment to it, with only a need for job orientation.

In evaluating an employee's qualification for other positions, the Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC) reviews the entire Official Personnel Folder; specifically, current and prior work experience, education, training, relevant awards, and any special skills. The CPOC attempts to find the best "match" - employee with position - within the constraints of retention standing and with the goal of the least amount of disruption for both management and employees.

Waiving Qualifications: Supervisors with a vacancy within their organization may be asked to consider waiving qualifications when there are no other placement offers available for an employee facing separation. Qualification requirements may be waived by the supervisor to assign an employee to a vacancy as long as the employee shows the capacity, adaptability, and special skills needed to satisfactorily perform the duties and responsibilities of the position. Minimum education requirements must, however, be met.

The Office of Personnel Management has published two handbooks which provide an in depth discussion of all aspects of the reduction in force and transfer of function process. One handbook provides Guidance, and the other describes Required Procedures. For definitive guidance on any aspect of reduction in force, see the OPM Handbooks.

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