Retention Standing

Retention standing is the relative right of an employee to be retained in a position when similar positions are being
abolished and employees in them are being reassigned, demoted, separated or furloughed. Retention standing also determines in what order position offers are made once employees have been released from their competitive levels under reduction-in-force (RIF) procedures. An employee's retention standing is based on the following factors:

A retention register is a listing of employees within a
competitive area. It serves as the primary source document
in conducting a RIF and is broken down by competitive level,
tenure group, tenure subgroup (veterans preference), and
adjusted service computation date, which includes additional
credit given for the last three annual performance ratings received during the 4 year period prior to the date of issuance of RIF notices or the end of the cut-off period.

The Office of Personnel Management has published two handbooks which provide an in depth discussion of all aspects of the reduction in force and transfer of function process. One handbook provides Guidance, and the other describes Required Procedures. For definitive guidance on any aspect of reduction in force, see the OPM Handbooks.

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