A Job Swap is the reassignment of two employees who swap jobs when no vacancy exists and neither employee has declined an offer under Transfer of Function (TOF), transfer of work, or management-directed reassignment.

A Job Swap can also be an alternative approach to placing federal employees affected by an agency relocation. The difference between a Job Swap placement and other Career Transition Assistance priority placement is there is NO vacancy being filled in a swap. Instead, two permanent federal employees in similar/like jobs switch positions and agencies (a lateral reassignment or transfer).

The Civilian Personnel Offices in both agencies will review the qualifications of each other's employees and notify each other on whether a swap offer may be made.

When all parties (Civilian Personnel Offices, supervisor and employee from leaving agency, and supervisor and employee from the receiving agency) have agreed that the two employees may swap positions, the respective Civilian Personnel Offices will make the Job Swap placement offer.

Job Swaps are exempt from the Priority Placement Priority (PPP) and do not require prior approval from Career Assistance and Re-Employment (CARE) program officials.

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