The Veterans' Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA)

On November 30, 1999, The President signed into law the Veterans Millennium Care and Benefits Act (Public Law 106-117). Section 511 of this new law amends the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998 (VEOA) in several important ways. The new law makes it clear that eligible veterans who wish to take advantage of the increased access to jobs provided by the VEOA must compete under an agency's Merit Promotion procedures. Furthermore, the law provides that a veteran who is selected from the best qualified group will be given a career conditional appointment in the competitive service.

The provision of the new law are retroactive to the original date of enactment of the VEOA--October 31, 1998. This means that schedule B appointments made under the VEOA must be converted to career conditional or career without further competition provided the veteran actually competed under a Merit Promotion announcement. However, if the veteran was given a schedule B appointment noncompetitively, he or she must still compete to obtain a competitive appointment, as the law prescribes.

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Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998 as Amended

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