People With Disabilities Employment Program

People with disabilities can be hired through the traditional competitive hiring process or, if they qualify, noncompetitively through the use of excepted service appointing authorities. Excepted service appointing
authorities for hiring people with disabilities were developed to provide an opportunity to people with disabilities to show that they can do the job and to circumvent any attitudinal barriers that managers and supervisors may have.

It is emphasized that candidates must be fully qualified in
accordance with OPM Qualification Standards Handbook and be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.

There are two ways to hire people with disabilities noncompetitively:

  1. People with disabilities can be certified as eligible by the State vocational rehabilitation agency or Department of Veterans Affairs. Employees may be converted to competitive status after two successful years of job performance.

  2. People who are severely disabled can also be hired noncompetitively after completion of a 700-hour appointment. This trial appointment allows people with disabilities to demonstrate their ability to do the job. If successful, employees may convert to a continuing Schedule A appointment without certification.

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