Reassignment is the movement of an employee to another position for which he/she qualifies at the same grade level and with an equivalent target grade or equivalent band level, if applicable. On reassignment within the General Schedule pay system, the employee's salary is set at their existing rate of pay. A relocation bonus or retention allowance may be offered to current employees under certain conditions. Some variations apply when effecting reassignment actions of employees either entering or leaving an organization participating in a personnel demonstration project.

A reassignment eligible is considered a noncompetitive candidate, or is a noncompetitive referral, because he/she has already competed for and currently holds, or has held, an equivalent position to the one being filled. Therefore, a second competition is not required. However, reassignments to restructured positions which are targeted above the grade level currently held by the employee, must be filled using competitive procedures. This means that all inservice placement rules apply and competition must occur between all inservice placement candidates within the area of consideration.

Reassignments can be "management directed." These actions are initiated by management to laterally move an employee to another position within the organization or between organizations. This often occurs when placing employees in order to avoid reduction in force actions or for other reasons when an employee's skills can be better utilized in another equivalent position.

A reassignment can also be a "voluntary request". These actions are initiated by an employee wishing to move to another position.

Normally, reassignment candidates may be referred when the selecting official requests to consider this recruitment source. They would be referred with other noncompetitive candidates such as change to lower grade and repromotion eligibles.

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