Active Military Service

A position is obligated to an employee on active military service for up to five years. After military service, the individual must request restoration to the position within specified timeframes.

The obligated position may be filled with the understanding of the new employee that the position is obligated to another employee who has the right to occupancy upon restoration to the civilian position from active duty service. When the Civilian Personnel Operating Center (CPOC) receives a request for restoration from the military member, reduction in force (RIF) procedures may be invoked (if there is no available vacancy) in order to place the incumbent who filled the position in the absence of the military member. The employee who is exercising restoration is not included in the RIF if RIF is required.

If at the end of the five year term the military member does not exercise return rights, or has not provided the CPOC with documentation of a restoration exception to the five year limitation, the incumbent assigned with obligation notice is notified that the obligation is no longer required. If the position was filled on a temporary basis, action may be taken to fill it on a permanent basis.

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