Administrative Grievance System (AGS)

It is Army's policy for employees to be treated fairly in all aspects of employment. Employees who believe they have been treated unfairly have a right to file a grievance and receive a timely decision. Army implements the use of the Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1400.25, Volume 771, DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Administrative Grievance System (AGS), which provides procedures for employees to follow for filing their grievance. Bargaining unit employees may also use the AGS if they have a work-related concern that cannot be grieved under the negotiated grievance procedures in their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

If an organization has an AGS, employees must follow their organization AGS' procedures. Management shall ensure their organization's AGS, if established, is in compliance with Volume 771 and Army's policy. Supervisors and employees should contact their CPAC for additional assistance regarding the AGS and local requirements.


Content last reviewed: 09/08/2015-BWR