Issuing Adverse Action Notices During the Holiday Season

There is no policy or law prohibiting the issuance within Army of adverse action proposals or decisions during the holiday season. The one exception to that rule is for Reduction-in-Force (RIF) actions; RIF termination notices may not be issued or be effective December 15 to January 3. Adverse actions are taken to promote the efficiency of the service and to correct an employee's behavior. If a decision is made to take an action it should be taken in a timely manner, even during the holiday season.

DoDI 1400.25-V351, Enclosure 3, Section 2 Prohibited Notice Period is often misinterpreted as a limitation on all adverse action notices. DoD has clarified that the prohibition provision in V351 is intended for RIF actions only; therefore, adverse action notices may be issued during the holiday period for non RIF related actions. Managers and supervisors must, however, consider their past practices, labor obligations, and Collective Bargaining Agreements, as applicable, before issuing a notice during the holiday season.

Content last reviewed: 11/23/2015-BWR