Notice of Proposed Furlough (30 Days or Less)

NOTE 1: Normally, the installation commander delegates to the CPAC the
authority to prepare, sign, issue notices of proposed furlough, review employee
responses, and make final decisions on furloughs.

NOTE 2: Furloughs of more than 30 days are processed under Reduction-in-
Force rules and procedures which provide for different notification
requirements. Refer to menu item Recruitment and Placement Program ; Reduction-

NOTE 3: Ensure the employee initials and dates receipt of this notice, that
he/she is provided the original, and a copy is maintained in the CPAC case

**Office Symbol**

SUBJECT: Notice of Proposed Furlough

TO: **Employee**
**Office Symbol**

1. This is official notification that I propose to furlough you from your
position of **--------------------** for **selected number - must 30 days or less
** calendar days for the reason(s) stated below:

a. Reason(s): **lack of work, funds, or other reason**

b. Specification(s): **provide brief but specific details**

2. You may reply to this notice of proposed furlough to me in writing,
orally, or both.

a. You are allowed **must be at least seven** calendar days from the
date you receive this letter to submit your reply.

b. You may represent yourself or you may be represented by a person of
your choosing. If you select a representative other than a Union
official/steward, you must designate such representative in writing.

c. You may review the material relied on to support this proposed
action. I will make the material available to you upon your request.

d. You will be allowed **reasonable/sufficient number** hours official
time to review the material, secure affidavits, and prepare an answer to this
notice. You must contact ** supervisor** directly to make arrangements for the use of
this official time. Your representative is allowed the same amount of
official time, if otherwise in a duty status, but must coordinate the use of
official time through his/her supervisor.

e. If you request, consideration will be given to extending the time to
reply or the official time in which to prepare and submit your reply. Any
request for additional time must be in writing stating your reasons for
desiring more time and the specific amount required. The request should be
submitted directly to me.

3. Full consideration will be given to any answer you submit before a final
decision is made. Whether or not you reply, a written notice of final
decision will be given to you. Should this proposed furlough be carried out,
it will not take place earlier than **date selected by CPAC - must be at least
30** calendar days after your receipt of this letter.

4. During the advance notice period, you will remain in a pay status.

5. If you wish to read the regulations pertinent to the proposed action or
obtain information about your procedural rights in this matter, you may
contact **CPAC**, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center **------**, Room
**------**, telephone number **--------**.

**CPAC Official**
**Signature Block**

Employee's Initials and Date of Receipt ______________

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