A suspension is an action which places an employee for disciplinary reasons
in a non-duty/non-pay temporary status. A suspension, regardless of
duration, is an adverse action and considered a severe disciplinary action.
Ordinarily, it is the final step in the disciplinary process before removal

A suspension prevents an employee from performing work and denies salary for
the suspension period. Therefore, a suspension may not be imposed for
-related factors in nondisciplinary

The period of suspension is normally expressed in calendar days and seldom
exceeds 30 days. Employee's adverse action protection differs between a
suspension for 14 calendar days or less and a suspension for more than 14
calendar days.

A proposed suspension may be lessened or mitigated to a suspension of a
lesser number of days or to a lesser penalty, such as a
reprimand, after taking into consideration employee's answer, the totality
of the evidence, the potential for employee's rehabilitation, and other
factors. The decision letter would reference the original disciplinary
action proposed and then indicate the action has been mitigated to a lesser

A suspension is documented through a Notification for Personnel Action (NPA) which becomes a permanent document in the Official Personnel Folder (OPF).

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