Written Reprimand

Letter of Reprimand

A letter of reprimand (LOR), also known as a written reprimand, is the lowest formal disciplinary action that a supervisor may take against an employee for misconduct. Although it is not an adverse action it is appropriate for minor misconduct and/or repeated lesser offenses that warrant a more severe action than an oral admonishment. Because the LOR is not an adverse action there are no due process procedures required prior to issuing the LOR to the employee. However, a proposed notice and right to reply may be required locally (e.g., collective bargaining agreement requirement) before issuing the LOR. Therefore, supervisors should contact their servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) to determine appropriate procedural requirements before issuing the LOR to an employee.

The LOR shall cite the specific reasons for the action and be made a matter of record. This means it is incorporated in the employee's electronic official personnel folder (eOPF), in the temporary folder for a specified period of time (which may not exceed 3 years). The LOR must also include a statement that future misconduct committed may result in a more severe disciplinary action, information regarding the Employee Assistance Program (as appropriate), and appropriate grievance procedures.

Removal of the Reprimand

The LOR is not permanent in nature as indicated in the paragraph above; therefore, it shall be removed from the employee's e-OPF, CPAC files, and/or supervisory files when one of the following events occur:

  • Upon expiration of the period specified in the letter
  • Upon departure of the employee from the Department of the Army
  • Upon determination through an appropriate adjudicatory procedure or by an appropriate management official that the reprimand is not warranted and must be withdrawn
  • Upon a determination by the initiating supervisor that the employee has sufficiently corrected his or her behavior and the letter of reprimand has served its purpose

NOTE, per AR 690-700, Chapter 751, the reprimand shall not be removed if it has been cited or relied upon in another disciplinary action. A copy of the reprimand will be retained in the adverse action file for the purpose of documenting the employee's disciplinary record.

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