Nick Hoge Award

The Nick Hoge Award recognizes Army personnel who author and submit papers on matters relating to civilian personnel administration and management that are judged professionally significant and of value to Army.


  • Army military personnel and civilian employees, including local nationals and nonappropriated fund employees, are eligible for consideration.


  • Criteria to be used in judging the papers are the following: (1) Originality. The paper should present new ideas or a combination of ideas in a unique way, or describe a problem and present a new solution to it, or describe a condition and present an unusual way of treating it, or develop a novel approach to civilian personnel management or administration. (2) Quality of writing. Judging will be based primarily on content, or how well the idea of the paper is developed and documented by research. However, consideration will also be given to clarity of expression and proper use of language. (3) Scope. The paper should have broad coverage or application, affecting all organizations, programs, or the workforce in a MACOM or the entire Department of the Army, if adopted. (4) Relevance and feasibility. The paper should be relevant to contemporary Army and Federal civilian personnel management and administration. It should be realistic or practical in terms of potential application or implementation. The paper must include what the author expects the Army to do concerning the idea in the paper.


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