John W. Macy Jr. Award

The John W. Macy, Jr. Award recognizes demonstrated excellence in the leadership of civilians by an Army military or civilian supervisor. It exemplifies the highest traditions established by Mr. Macy during his long and distinguished career of public service and the Army's philosophy that leaders are responsible for civilian personnel management.


  • All Army military and civilian leaders, colonel or GM-15 and below, U.S. citizen, or local national, paid by appropriated or nonappropriated funds, are eligible for consideration.


  • Eligible personnel will be nominated and considered according to the following criteria: (1) Specific contribution. A specific contribution for which the team led by the nominee is responsible and which resulted in material improvements in areas such as Army mission support, military-civilian teamwork, customer service, productivity, EEO accomplishments, and enhancement of the Army's reputation as an employer. (2) Sustained accomplishments. A record of accomplishments which reflect extraordinary leadership of civilian personnel over a sustained period of more than the calendar year of the specific contribution.


Content last reviewed: 2/25/2009-HLJ