William H. Kushnick Award

The William H. Kushnick Award was established in 1968 by a group of prominent citizens who had served on the staff of the Secretary of War during World War II. This annual award recognizes the most outstanding singular achievement of an Army employee in Civilian Human Resources and is used to encourage greater achievement among all employees in the career field.


  • All civilian employees, including appropriated and nonappropriated fund employee, U.S. citizens, and local nationals, engaged in civilian personnel administration in the Department of the Army are eligible.


  • Eligible personnel will be nominated and considered according to both their specific contributions to the field of civilian personnel administration and their individual career accomplishments. The specific contributions to the field are those for which the nominee is personally responsible and which resulted in material improvement in service, substantial financial savings, or significant social or technological progress. The nominee's career accomplishments should reflect a highly effective personal career development, executive or technical ability, exemplary performance, and demonstrated potential for higher level work.


Content last reviewed: 2/25/2009-HLJ