Arthur S. Flemming Award For Exceptional Achievement In Federal Government Service

The Army Incentive Awards Board announces the Arthur S. Flemming Awards For Exceptional Achievement In Federal Government Service. Nominations for the Arthur S. Flemming Awards for Exceptional Achievement in Federal Government Service must be received by the Army Incentive Awards Board no later than 4 January 2008.

The George Washington University and the Arthur S. Flemming Awards Commission honors Federal government employees who have made outstanding contributions to public service on either a sustained basis or through a single exceptional accomplishment achieved or completed during 2007. Twelve awards will be presented; four each in three distinctive categories:

  • Applied Science, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Basic Science
  • Managerial or Legal Achievement.

Any career civilian employee of the Federal government or member of the uniformed services who has at least three, but no more than fifteen (15), years of service as of December 31, 2007, is eligible for nomination for the Arthur S.
Flemming Award. A nominee may be an officer or employee in the agency headquarters or field service throughout the world. Each award winner will receive an engraved medal. The George Washington University website:, provides additional information about the Flemming Awards.

Request that you submit nominations for Department of the Army employees to the Army Incentive Awards Board; e-mail address:
. The Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, and Direct Reporting Units will set their own suspense dates.

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