Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Distinguished Civilian Humanitarian Award

Since 1996, the United States Military Departments (Army, Navy and Air Force) jointly sponsored the Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Distinguished Humanitarian Award to emphasize the contributions that Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher have contributed to members of the Armed Forces. To continue their legacy, the United States Military Departments will honor and recognize a private sector individual or organization that has demonstrated exceptional patriotism and humanitarian concern for members of the United States Armed Forces or their families.


  • Individual or organization who exemplify the Fisher's personal qualities of patriotism, generosity, and selfless dedication to the members of the armed forces through an outstanding humanitarian act or service.
  • Selflessly contributed an extraordinary amount of time, talent, or resources to benefit members of the armed services. The impact should have been broad and wide-ranging in scope, regardless of monetary impact.
  • Significantly enhanced the quality of life of military members or their families through the act or service.
  • The period of service for the award is from January 1 through December 31 - one calendar year, or a broader period for a multi-year/lifetime contribution.


  • Individuals or organizations that are not currently employed by Department of Defense and its
    Components or who were not employed during the period for which the award is recommended.
  • Individuals or organizations having a profit-making relationship with DoD, or with a DoD component, may be eligible to receive the award if it is shown that the contribution is substantially beyond that specified or implied within the terms of the contract establishing the relationship, and the recognition is clearly in the public interest.
  • A period of DoD employment does not preclude consideration for a multi-year/lifetime contribution award for service performed while not employed by DoD.

Army Regulation 672-16, 15 May 98, establishes policy for the award. To access AR 672-16, please visit the website at

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